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Do I Need A Call Center, Contact Center, Answering Service or All of the Above?

At the heart of every business and industry is the importance of customer service. However, sometimes the priority of customer service is undercut by pressing business operations. When client communications, such as phone calls, emails, and text messages become a burden, it may be an opportune moment to consider outsourcing your communications to a contact center, call center or answering service. To find out which one will work best for you and your business, you first need to know the differences and similarities between them.

Thanks Paula 2

Celebrating Paula Gordon & 20 Years of Service

Celebrating Paula Gordon & 20 Years of Service

Please join us in thanking and congratulating Paula Gordon, who is retiring after over 20 years of service at ASuperior!

Paula’s career with ASuperior began in the summer of 2000, when the company was still located in Conyers; she’s amongst the few remaining staff members that were part of the “Conyers Crew.” Paula started as an operator and has been a key part of our remote team efforts over the years. She retires as, outside of family, the longest active employee with the company!

In her tenure with ASuperior, Paula has:

• Served over 1,000 accounts across the country
• Over 5,000 days on the job fulfilling a shift
• Over 7,600 total days of service
• Over 38,000 hours of service
• Nearly 23,000 hours on the phone taking messages
• Nearly 1.4 million total minutes on the phone taking messages
• Over 1 million(!) total messages taken

Thank you for being such an integral part of the ASuperior team, Paula! We’ll miss you, and we wish you nothing but the best!


Awarded Greene County Chamber of Commerce March 2021 Business of the Month

Awarded Greene County Chamber of Commerce March 2021 Business of the Month

Feeling extremely honored and humbled to have been named the Greene County Chamber of Commerce’s April Business of the Month! 


Blurb From Greene County Chamber of Commerce:

ASuperior Contact Center was founded in 1976 when Sandra Black saw a need for businesses. She knew helping companies provide great customer service would help their business acquire customers and keep those customers happy. They offer live answering services, live chat, email and business texting and more 24•7•365.

As a long-time staple of the Lake Country Community, ASuperior Contact Center assists businesses in maximizing their potential.

Mary Retirement 1996-2020

Celebrating Mary Carter And A Wonderful 25 Years At ASuperior

Celebrating Mary Carter And A Wonderful 25 Years At ASuperior

Mary Carter’s career with ASuperior began on July 24th, 1996 when our company was located in Conyers. Mary started as an Operator, has worked first, second, overnight and split shifts.

Mary made the transition to Madison and in recent years joined our remote operator team. She has worked wherever we needed her without hesitation, has proven her dedication through the years. Month after month and year after year Mary had perfect attendance. She is an absolute role model when it comes to dependability. Mary is the longest tenured staff member that is not family.

In Mary’s nearly 25 year career, we estimate she has accomplished the following:

    1, 271 weeks of service to ASuperior

    8, 896 days of service to ASuperior

    30, 504 hours on the phone taking messages

    50, 840 hours on the clock

    1, 464, 192 messages taken

    1, 830, 240 minutes on the phone

Mary has much to celebrate and we are greatly appreciative for Mary’s years of service to ASuperior.

ASuperior Contact Center Provides Communication Infrastructure For Essential And Non-Essential Businesses, Hospital And Trade Services

ASUPERIOR ANSWERING SERVICE & CALL CENTER ROLLS OUT A NEW LOOK FOR 2019ASuperior Contact Center Provides Communication Infrastructure For Essential And Non-Essential Businesses, Hospital And Trade Services

ASuperior Contact Center, headquartered in Madison, Georgia, are part of the elite group of front-line first responders. This industry of unsung heroes ensures communication continuity, so that others can focus on service delivery and patient care without interruption.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASuperior Contact Center quickly mobilized to ensure their agents could continue their work. Telecommunications companies like ASuperior have been the behind the scenes support industry and an important infrastructure asset for many essential and non-essential businesses and especially hospitals and trade services. Contact centers like ASuperior provide multiple communication avenues, such as live chat, texting, email monitoring, lead generation responses, and traditional answer services to engage and respond to people immediately. They are open and available around the clock – 24•7•365 to serve.

ASuperior General Manager, Michael Raymond says, “Our industry is a vital link between residents and trade services such as Plumbing, HVAC and Landscaping, just to name a few. Many trades are in high demand as residents continue to shelter-in-place. We’re also able to provide urgent/emergency dispatching services and also gather service requests and schedule appointments. Medical facilities are experiencing extremely high call volumes that are creating excessive hold times. Healthcare providers are overloaded with calls and urgent dispatching needs and this is really where our industry and team shines.”

As a four-time recipient of the ATSI Award of Excellence, ASuperior’s team has the responsibility to deliver rapid response answering with a high-degree of accuracy and call quality. While open and available 24•7•365, essential services such as live answering, urgent/emergency dispatching, call overflow support, order taking and virtual receptionist services have helped business owners ensure service continuity — especially when so many have had to lay-off their employees.

“We can help any business, and the best part about our services is that they are reasonable, affordable, and invaluable for essential and non-essential businesses. Our team steps in and frees up the experts to focus on their work, patients, or other critical matters,” says Shelly Massey, Director of Sales, Marketing & Development.