Frequently Asked Questions

A contact center is a business that manages customer interactions. Unlike a call center, which receives requests only by telephone, the contact center handles telephone calls AND customer communication over multiple channels such as web, text, chat, email, and social media.

Answering the following questions honestly may help you determine your needs:

Are you missing calls and potential business?

Are you constantly checking your voicemail?

Is your voicemail always full?

Does having to answer the phone keep you or your employees from getting their work done?

Does your phone often ring more than 4 rings before being answered?

Do your caller’s ever hear a busy signal?

Do you need to be contacted for emergency calls after hours?

Are you losing customers because they cannot reach you?

If you answered yes to some of the questions above, you likely are in need of help. A contact center may be your most cost-effective solution to assisting your customers and allowing you to get more work accomplished.

Our average answer time is 2 rings (12 seconds). Due to the unpredictability of call volume, calls may experience a brief hold time. For the calls that do hold, our average hold time is less than 30 seconds.

Messages can be sent via email, text, fax, or phone call.  Our client web portal is available 24.7.365. HIPAA compliant secure messaging is also available.

Once we receive your setup information and first payment, we can have accounts activated in 2-5 business days, depending on your specific needs.

Consider these Five important Factors when searching for a Contact Center for your business:

#1 – Courteous and professional sounding receptionists – Ask if they look for voice quality when hiring agents.

#2 – Hours and availability –  24.7.365 availability is a must. Even if you don’t receive many calls after hours, you will want coverage during the holidays!

#3 – Emergency preparedness – Do they have a backup plan if they lose utility service, such as, power or internet?

#4 – Message delivery options –Are there various options for receiving messages? Text, Email, Online portal?

#5 – Is your information private & protected – Do they have IT service techs protecting their network? Do they offer HIPAA compliant messaging options?

Use one of our numbers or transfer your number.  To transfer your number, you can contact your phone provider. If you have a VoIP line and online access you may have an option in your settings  for call forwarding. If you have a phone system that has  “night service” or “override” button, contact your IT support and have them reconfigure the setting to send calls to us.  Many phone carriers also offer an “over flow” or “no answer” transfer option. This will allow your calls to ring your location first and then transfer to our contact center if call is not answered.