Services to create ASuperior experience for your clients.

We thrive on customization. All businesses are different and we aim to assist our clients with their specific needs. Call 800.344.6470 and tell us about your needs.


Business Numbers

Need a number? We have you covered..

Let us provide your business number and answer 24.7.365.

Request a specific area code or vanity number to use in advertisements,  so you can track results and know if your ads are working for you.

Our team can assist you in the finding the option that’s best for you and your business.

Custom Greeting

Use one of our professional greetings or create your own.

Our standard greetings are customized with your business name and time of day acknowledgment. “Good morning, ABC company this is …”

You can also create your own specific greeting.

In addition, we offer custom recorded pre-announcements to add notifications such as “This call is being recorded” or “If this is an emergency please call 911.”

Add a custom IVR to assist callers prior to reaching our receptionists.


Custom FAQ

Give us basic FAQ’s to assist your callers.

You probably know the most commonly asked questions for your business. Empower our receptionists to provide ASuperior service by giving us answers to your FAQ’s.

• Do you give free estimates or consultations?
• Do you have after hours service fees?
• Do we need directions or landmarks near your location?
• Are you running ads or specials that we need to be aware of?
• How can your clients pay their bill? Mail, online, dropbox, ACH?

Custom call flow

Customize your callers experience. Use our scripts or customize your own.

Different types of calls require different information. Use our standard call flow or create your own!

Planning a well-researched call flow gives our receptionists the advantage of assisting your clients with ease. 

Bilingual Translation

Need assistance with callers who speak another language?

We can utilize a translation service to assist us with non English speaking callers. They offer 200+ languages.  

What if you cannot speak their language and are unable to call them back?

Option A
Don’t worry, you can also use our translation service to return the call.

Option B
We have a recording to tell the caller to have someone who speaks English to call back on their behalf.

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