Relaying messages across various channels.

After connecting with your client, we need to get this information to you. Just like we do for your clients, we want to engage with you on any channel you prefer! Pick one or more…our goal is to make sure you get the information you need, how you need it.



Our most popular dispatch method, fast and convenient!

Seconds after our receptionist saves your message, you will receive a text message with all the information we took from your caller.

Text back to us so we know you received the message, then simply click the caller’s number to call them back.

Worried you will miss our text? Rest easy, we can simply call you if you haven’t replied back to our message!

If you’re tech savvy, add a crazy obnoxious ringtone on our contact and you’ll know it’s us sending you a message.

HIPAA compliant, secure text messaging is available for those clients requiring complete privacy.


Dependable and accessible, 24.7.365

Our receptionists will save your message and your email will be sent. This service is great for custom message forms. You can easily see all of your message information on one screen and file and print for your records.

Do you have specific employees with specific roles? We can save you time  by emailing messages to the appropriate person within your company making your customerservice flow more efficient. 

Worried you will miss our email? Rest easy, we can call or text you if you haven’t replied back to us!

HIPAA compliant, secure email messaging is available for those clients requiring complete privacy.


Web Portal

Online access to your messages, on call schedules and contact list 24.7.365

Our portal allows access to your messages, on call tables, reports and employee contact list. Make updates and changes when it’s convenient for you!

Need more? Custom applications are available. Call us at Contact Us and let us know your needs.

On Call Dispatch

We can access your calendars and relay messages to the right person at the right time.

Create and manage your schedule on our web portal. No need to fax or email calendars…simply log on and DIY 24.7.365

Multiple calendars? Not an issue for us! We can manage 100+ calendars based on product type, locations, type of service or time of day! Let us know your needs and we’ll make it happen.

Call Transfer

Sometimes a message isn’t needed.

We understand that sometimes callers have a need to speak with you directly. We can transfer calls to you based on time of day or when it’s an emergency. You can customize when and why we transfer a caller.

We offer blind (cold) and announced (warm) transfers!

Phone Call

Personal message relay with a traditional call.

We can relay messages with a phone call, but this can be time consuming and frustrating as you will have to find a pen and paper!

We primarily make a phone call to you as a follow up to a text or email that hasn’t received a reply. We simply ask you to check your messages for all the details. With click to call from cell phones, this is much easier than a pen and paper.


Receive groups of messages daily for your records.

We can send your messages grouped daily or weekly. We can email, fax or upload to your web portal, allowing you to save or print for your records.

Need more? We have data! We offer custom reporting for call statistics or messages. Just tell us what you need!

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